Lifestyle Modification Support

Lifestyle Modification Support   is a consultation service via home visits, Internet live-chat & messaging, or telecommunication. Consider us for ordinary, exceptional, unique or patient-centered client situations.

Family Nurse Practitioner Telemedicine via Skype or FaceTime Private patient-centered consultations and case advocacy/management

Click this link below to review the detailed brochure describing services and rates. Scroll down for both pages of the brochure. [Please note that the brochure is currently being revised slightly but still provides information regarding suggested services available. You are always welcome to contact LMS for your individual situation/condition.]

Lifestyle Modification Support services brochure


Lifestyle Modification Support

The primary focus of Lifestyle Modification Support is to provide resources, information, requested guidance and advocacy to support your chosen lifestyle modifications to grow a contented whole you.

Client education is the foundation for advocating healthy and long lasting lifestyle changes.

Janet Still, Family Nurse Practitioner, is trained and personally experienced in making changes that work with the individual’s unique needs.

Culinary Happiness:

$/£ 249.00 for care plan & taste preference review, shopping counseling, cooking methods...the "tricks of the trade"

$/£ 49.00/hour + food costs Janet cooks your faves for you! This is a limited service for exceptional client situations.

We all know that sinking feeling when the choice for quality of life leads us to the news that our diet needs work. Guess what? You can still enjoy your favorite cuisine with clever ingredient substitution & understanding of cooking chemistry.

Proper food choices for your diet offer a whole new level of culinary enjoyment.

Even your favorite desserts, with proper ingredient substitution, & a few chefs’ secrets, can still thrill the palette.

Pharmacology UPDATE:


Are you just learning that your Physician advises medication for your particular condition to enhance control & protection of a body system? Or have you a long list of medications that you are uncertain whether you should still be taking? Have you tried to change your lifestyle for improved lab results but failed?

If you have so many, you cannot keep up, time for a review!

Medications have various side effects & are sometimes inimical to each other.

You may wish to avoid the daily chemical cocktail lifestyle. Janet can educate you & advocate for your choices when you are serious about self-transformation.

Get Alternative!

$/£ 49.00/hour

Have you looked into alternative and complementary options for decreasing stress, losing those extra pounds, improving the clarity of your mentation, treatment therapies with fewer side effects?  And it was too much to figure out what is real and what is a waste? Understandable! There are many claims, ... who is honest? and what has been researched? Let Janet be your guide.  As a Masters educated medical provider with a history of working in the holistic community as a patient AND a teacher, she can advocate for your safety.

Rediscover peace and joy with your body, your mind, your true self again.

HOUSE CALLS - Janet makes visits in the comfort of your home where you remain relaxed & have ready access to answer assessment concerns. Your home is the center of your healing environment when making lifestyle modifications. The practitioner can perceive & comprehend obstacles and their solution while interacting with you in that same environment.

PRIVACY - Janet protects your confidence by remaining educated on your behalf regarding your legal rights, your right to privacy, your right to be educated on all options for your care. An advocate for your well-being, Janet only presents the information & supports you in taking charge of your life by educating you on decisions for taking charge of your health & well-being.

CREATIVITY - Balanced health & well-being should be fun for you! Improving the quality of your life means literally improving your experience of your life. Janet works with you to define what that means for you & to make it happen!

Enjoy fully the healthy environment your home & region offers, the way you choose.

Life is for living.

When aches and pains get in the way of enjoying the activities and people you love,

take action, open to growth and the possibility of a new phase in your life.

Find answers and a new deal with life.

Janet is a Masters in Science educated health care provider. She is also a cancer survivor, a menopause survivor! and has lived successfully with fibromyalgia, IBS, hypoglycemia and arthritis for over 20 years and still enjoyed a physically, intellectually, and spiritually satisfying lifestyle.

Feed your dream.


Contact Lifestyle Modification Support via email at:

Please be certain to have an agreed-upon service already discussed prior to sending money!


An advocate for patients might save your life in the hospital

An advocate for patients might save your life in the hospital