Friends of Lifestyle Modification Support: Village Market has requested we put the rewards game on hold a week! Feel free to send your answers and we will move ahead with the charity the week of November 30. Thank you for your patience AND your willingness!

Announcing LMS rewards game for learning about “Community Serving Community" - - -  answer easy questions to receive a gift certificate to the Village Market!

Village Market seeks to puts the community first, as it helps to create job opportunities, access to health education, and of course, access to healthy and affordable food options. Several organisations joined causes to provide needed access to healthy food choices in the New Columbia neighborhood of Portland Oregon. In so doing, they are also providing disadvantaged youth the chance to expand their horizons and experience by volunteering for the Market. The parent group Village Gardens supports local farming & supplies the store. To top off a brilliant community project, healthy jobs are created in the community too! Transforming rhetoric into reality doesn't get much better than this. What could make it better? You learning about it & spreading the idea to your community ¬

Don't live in Portland? No problem! Make this your holiday charity by donating your certificate to someone in need that arrives hungry to the Village Market this year.

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