Everyone's question continues to be about diet and what food actually makes mind clear and gives the body abundant energy. In keeping with Lifestyle Modification Support's focus to give You the tools and most up-to-date resources you need to stay on top of Your World, balanced and whole on every level that you desire, the month of March is going to be about the Real News on Nutrition.

Believe it or not, research continues to explore and expand what we thought we knew about food. There are new research centres funded independent of biased money looking into the why and when and where of this sudden, in evolutionary timing, appearance of such widespread obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, and the ongoing cancer super-villain. Contemporary news around the world can be refined to discover that people are investigating/questioning the motives behind mass-marketing of processed foods. And meanwhile, universities, individual doctorates, and real people are simply insisting on living honestly healthy lives....and talking about it! Check out some of this on our blog's top story today via: http://www.stilljanet.com/blog/

The pages of Lifestyle Modification Support already share many resources on how to get linked in to the ever-advancing (and quite exciting!) science of nutrition as it unfolds right now. This month of March, the pages of Lifestyle Modification Support will expand and reorganise the resources, the research, and the Real Opportunity that all this increased knowledge Is for You. You are invited to keep checking in and, as always, keep those questions coming!

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