Anke Kramer and Embrace Infinity

I met Anke through a friend of mine when I was telling him how there are no really substantial masseuses in the area. He wanted to know what I was looking for in a massage therapist. Knowledge through experience in techniques as well as anatomy and physiology & pathophysiology, someone who is not afraid to touch my body and respond to the message my body is giving his/her hands, someone capable of reworking my body so that I feel refreshed, renewed, healed.... that was my answer. My friend said to me that Anke would likely satisfy those expectations.

To my lasting joy and surprise, Anke did indeed answer these expectations. I send family, friends, and patients that tell me they are seeking a real massage therapy experience. Naturally, I want to introduce you the reader to Anke as well.

In her own words......

LMS: How long have you been involved in massage therapy?

Anke: Healing and Massage Therapy has been part of most of my adult life. It has been a truly rewarding experience, filled with miracles, joy and self- growth.

LMS: What is your focus in your work currently?

Anke:  This is a time of magnificent transformation and I feel honored and privileged to take such an active part in it. More and more I witness pain and suffering on so many levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and I can tell you from my own experience it is completely unnecessary. Once we acknowledge and embrace the darkness, we can forgive ourselves and begin to heal. Physical pain and ailments are simply a manifestation of our emotional “dis-ease”. Once we choose to abandon old beliefs and illusions that keep us stuck in the past we move forward and our Journey unfolds… physical symptoms fade away gracefully and effortlessly, as do people and situations that no longer serve us.

LMS: So you are addressing not just the physical body but - - -

Anke: ....the energetic body as well. By shifting and balancing the energy within and around you, the puzzle becomes complete. This may take time and patience and yes… work. You must be open to change, surrender and release old concepts and patterns in order to welcome a new life, a new you. Just as an injured limb does not mend overnight our whole divine being requires attention and full presence. My purpose and intention is to assist you in bringing about change and profound healing, allowing your true self to emerge and shine brightly. We are by nature magnificent and beautiful… external circumstances may have created the illusion that we are anything but that. Once energy shift has occurred, lost pieces of our soul are retrieved we are empowered to move into the future with courage and strength… completely in the knowledge that everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be.

LMS: This is a hard task for some to conceive. How does this work in the sessions with you? Will you please give an example of what this experience is like between you and the client?

Anke: In my sessions I work on your physical pain, massaging sore muscles, mobilizing stiff joints, soothing your nervous system etc. The change created, you will feel immediately. I will more importantly address your energetic body, balancing your charkas, clearing your aura, creating a much deeper change. This may take time to surface and manifest in your consciousness and it is imperative that you actively participate by nurturing the delicate seeds in a loving, gentle way. Step out of self -judgment and into the warm and comforting place of forgiveness… for yourself and others.

My Healing Room is such a place.

LMS: Ah, yes. I enjoy your healing room very much. When I step in, there is a sense of such preparation for my visit....the light is soothing though you still bring in our glorious California sun in some subtle way. The aromas are yummy! and mysterious, and tantalize my senses, but somehow relaxing too. Beautiful art and music and such a cozy welcoming feeling are the beginning of the session before I have even undressed and laid on the table...sort of like how the aroma of food starts our body's chemical process of digestion long before we sit to eat.

Anke: It is a vortex for Divine Love and Peace… an incredible “team” is waiting to support you on your Journey. Guides, Angels, Ancestors and many more will bring you healing you may never have imagined.

LMS: Really? Tell me the specifics of some your magic in the healing room and in your actual work on the client's body.

Anke: My ever changing “magical toolbox” includes various manual techniques, my native drum, hot stones, tuning forks, essential oils and more. Together, we create a uniquely moving and profoundly healing experience of transformation.

LMS: I definitely enjoy the hot stones and the essential oils. And thank you, Anke, always for your sincerity and your undivided intention when you work on me. My body feels human again after a session and my bliss feels like heaven on earth.

Anke: Come and visit soon… you deserve a life filled with bliss!

LMS: I will. How can my readers find you, contact you, and learn more about you?

Anke: Please give them my website which has all the information about sessions, rates, types of therapy available as well as how to contact me. It is www.embraceinfinity.com

LMS: And now that everyone is so enticed and ready to feel much better in their bodies, Anke's phone number to book an appointment is: 858-531-6123