Woke up penetrating even more about the illusion of the physical material worlds and how the most valuable of us are simply (not merely) unwilling to participate in the greedy game of houses....

opened up my local One Billion Rising links and came across a sweet version of the One Billion Rising theme song done at a nearby V-day event this year. True power is centered and directed unconditional Love. Wherever you witness that kind of Love unfolding, you are recognizing the real miracle of evolution. I hear some of you remarking that love is great and all until some jerk comes along and stomps it down....   sooo - - - what are You going to do about that?

"We are beautiful, beautiful! creatures!" Break the chains.... so many blessings possible when one feeds attention and attitude to them. Feed your Love <3 icon like water to a seed, watch it grow ...



...for more on adding your Love to the "effortless effort" ....check out www.onebillionrising.org




Wise Woman University

Checking out "Lesson One and Assignments" on Wise Woman University: http://j.mp/RJUGBf

A few of you have been slowly working through Susun Weed's Herbal Infusion Class with me. I just added some reflections on Lesson One, (in the Lesson One forum-see link above), which I spent over a year working through. If you are unfamiliar with the class, there is no time limit, no cost other than supplying your own ingredients and supplies to accomplish the lessons, and the class is always open so far. Since the class is online and includes a group forum that stays fairly active, there is always someone to talk to and share your results and lessons, triumphs and muddles. Susun Weed even chimes in from time to time to comment on the  ongoing discussions. For me, this was a great way to have some direction in increasing and maintaining my experience with utilizing herbal medicine/food in my life. And because I have relied on Susun's wisdom, knowledge, and experience for much of my adult life when it comes to practical uses of herbs in my daily life, I welcomed the opportunity to "play" as it were in the field of her creative mind by going along with her lessons the way she purposefully set them up.

If you are experiencing any difficulty figuring out how to get included in this particular class, send me an email or comment on this post and I will happily send you a direct invite from the class. There are many classes offered at the Wise Woman University, most require a payment. This is an exceptional opportunity to check out what all there is to learn from Susun and the many experts she collaborates with ...for free. The website/university has many types of forums that one can be part of once you are in the class and many informative Webinars are going on all year, also for free usually. Expect the unusual and the creative and the very strongly supported feminine as well as practical and beneficial knowledge for all members of your family and community.


fnpstilljanet@gmail.com  Remember to write "LMS question" in the subject line of your email message.


California Set To Declare BPA Toxic To Reproductive System




Please follow the link under the photo to read the Environmental Working Group's recent article on the upcoming California Proposition 65 (www.ewg.org/). Alex keeps the reading entertaining while very informative in concise facts presented for the layman.
You can also read the National Resources Defense  Council's blog applauding California's move at: http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/sjanssen/bisphenol_a_to_be_listed_on_ca.html


One Billion Rising Short Film – YouTube

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Keep this discussion going….


via One Billion Rising Short Film – YouTube.


This film may be hard to watch in the beginning, but it has a joyful finale` …won’t you please join us in making this finale` A REALITY…NOW?

…reading The New Midwifery (Page & McCandlish 2006) and how the “technocratic” system furthers the oppression of women, a subtle violence against women by silencing their voice, their right to have a say in their life. In so many aspects of life, we have choice but are unsupported to take it.

There is a One Billion Rising event happening near you February 14…. or you can start up your own. Please join us in dancing our truth that violence against women is not okay.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS EVENT. Ask me or go to the webpage: http://www.onebillionrising.org/



from page one.....keep this story rolling!

San Diego already has begun plans for our part in the Vday One Billion Rising strike/dance event February 14, 2013. http://www.vday.org/onebillionrising-pressrelease

Share this huge story with everyone.... you may not live in San Diego but chances are very good that there are plans to participate in the global event somewhere near you. And if not? start up your community's plans to participate! Here is the webpage to get you started: http://www.vday.org/organize-event

Why participate?

Because in order for mother-centered care is to gain a foothold, we must first instill understanding, respect, strength, and unconditional Love in the Voice that is the mother, the center, of our whole health; the mother is the center because it is the mother that makes life so.

Action speaks louder than words.... get out and have fun while honouring that which is most precious.... the mother in all of us.


Keep Talking! what about violence against women?

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The American College of Nurse Midwives made this (see website link) brief, plain, and straightforward statement regarding a US Representative’s recent incorrect remark about rape and pregnancy. The most uncomfortable aspect of this political faux pas is its reflection of ignorance. My first reaction upon reading the remark so widely broadcasted was, “but people know better…don’t they?” followed by the disturbing realization that if this person gets away with saying this, the dark ages descend. Thus, I am hoping to keep the conversation rolling…. there are so many potential avenues regarding education. Please help me keep this vital issue rolling. Wherever you chat, blog, converse….ask others what they know about resources for education on health.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

More blogging and information will continue to be added to this story.


”A society that places a low value on its mothers and the process of birth will suffer an array of negative repercussions for doing so. Good beginnings make a positive difference in the world, so it is worth our while to provide the best possible care for mothers and babies throughout this extraordinarily influential part of life.” -Ina May Gaskin

This page will save all mother centered articles and blogs for easy search and review.


Do you know how you were born?

An amazing and beautiful animation of the creation of you. How We Began



Mary Breckinridge and Community Health


After three and a half days away from home to gather with future Certified Midwives and Family Nurse Practitioners in Hyden, Kentucky, I look on life with new eyes. The Frontier Nursing University is the oldest proponent and educational program for Family Nursing and Midwifery in America.... for mother/child centered healthcare. A long time admirer of Mary Breckinridge and the Frontier School, I am now included in its rosters as a post masters student of midwifery.




You may wonder at this seeming "turn in direction"... but this is not a tangent or byway for my healthcare focus. Lifestyle Modification Support has always supported holistic healthcare which begins at home... in the choices one makes to support one's well-being, one is also making choices that support one's family, one's small circle of friends and network, and thereby, one's community. The mother is the heart and soul of the family. What she does cannot be replaced or imitated easily. To support community health, care of the mother and her health/balance, the mother and those around her must be educated as to the great value of her role in the family as the source of unconditional love that centers and directs the attention and attitude of the whole family. With this focus, the individual members of family go out into the community bolstered and nurtured by the true gift of life.... universal, unconditional Love.




If the mother is not supported to remain whole and healthy, she will lose her ability to perform her vital role. In losing her ability to provide such precious spiritual sustenance, she will "lose face"...will lose spirit, hope, faith. It is a rare family that can rearrange its dynamics to compensate for that loss.




The grass roots movement swelling across the country for the rise of community health as priority will be greatly supplemented by a focus on the family's role in community. At the heart of the localvore culture, support of the family supports the development of self-esteem in the individuals of the family unit; supports what is strong, intelligent, and genius in their inherited culture and traditions; supports (thereby) community, and local economic growth, which in turn doubles back the benefit to the community again!




All of these benefits support education and the expansion of human awareness for what is valuable among us, including our diversity. Diversity is survival in a community, and truly diversity is a necessary environmental trait. That we must survive via harmony and intelligent integration with our environment seems so self-evident that I hesitate to spell it out. For any unable to follow my logic in this discussion to this point, I will explain my statements this way…...




If we are to survive physically, our planet must remain viable and able to continue in its diversity of microbiology to continue to provide sustenance to our physical bodies. Thus, in this logic, did I support preserving small traditional communities in the South when I was a young adult and so I continue to support all areas of practical community health which impact physical, intellectual, economic wholeness for its individuals as well as spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom is a key component in holistic health. The top tier of Maslow's Hierarchy pyramid is self-actualization. Our community's whole health supplies the lower levels of the pyramid so that one may attain that austere top goal.




I support Farmer's Markets and Market Co-operatives of all kinds that feature the local community and uphold its unique traits and strengths as well as act as central commerce areas and places of meeting to encourage success and healthy positive activities. Our own Leucadia Farmer's Market takes place on a local school ground. Activities of music, crafts, arts, and child play are as integral as the commercial participants. Providing these elements in a festive, clean, harmonious manner induces further local support by making it easier to participate (for example, young mothers can bring their children to a safe atmosphere to play while the mothers shop); and also, by making the experience more relaxed, entertaining, and sociable.




My personal and professional role in my community continues to grow and evolve as is the nature of a healthy and balanced life. Returning to study the healthcare of mother and baby is coming round a full circle for me and for my work in the world. By supporting the center of the family’s well being, I continue to give my part to the solution of maintaining and improving and taking community health to the next level.




I will see you “out there” … Please say hello and chat with me about your ideas and hopes.  May we find a way together to continue to complete the circle.


[ fnpstilljanet@gmail.com ]




Many sites discuss Mary Breckinridge's impact on community health; here are just a few:














Mary Breckinridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.