Heart Health: 13 Foods ....

O my gosh! This list of heart healthy foods has all my faves (except for soy...there is controversy around soy's health benefits). And here it is almost Valentine's Day and so time for me to post up as many articles about Love and Joy and Harmony and Healthy alternatives to a healthy balanced Lifestyle as I can share. So read up and eat up...YUM! but these are some good foods. Just imaging these choices makes me feel good. Click the link provided in this post (the one highlighted in pink) to follow the very brief article to view a beautiful and tantalizing slide show of foods you will be happy to include in your diet now. 

Heart Health: 13 Foods With Cardiovascular Benefits.

In fact, I am going out right now to grab a few more of these delectables for my pantry. After all, here comes the Day of celebrating Love. I need to be ready to Be healthy and to share good health all around. 

Blessings! dear friends and fans and clients.... remember Love starts inside. Make your inside a happy harmonious home to your continued quality of lifestyle!

Posted on February 13, 2012 and filed under discussions, information.