Autumnal Splendor

photo out my office window

photo out my office window

‘Wrapped in the Fold of Thy Embrace, I know Not fear but the deepest surrender. What appears a paradox to mind is soul’s unabated joy and peace …regardless outer limitations and even physical death. This singular experience is simply the Greater AIM… Freedom of Consciousness.’


My 60th year is upon me now, 3 months in. Some of you are aware that, recently, I gave almost 5 years to midwifing my mother-in-law’s transition from the physical. Perhaps there is nothing unusual then in my contemplations of my own approaching transition. Autumn is my favourite season since childhood. Reflection on the symbolism of the circle nearing its end is often attributed to this season.


There are so many works on the topic, so I refuse to beat any used-up drums. Instead, I quietly turn around my own viewpoint to welcome all experiences. In deep dreams as I wake each morn, I observe the wordless imagery of my mind attempting to push against an invisible barrier where I can go no further. I have lost any sense of objection to this fact.


When I wake I recognise that I am the mental viewpoint …and yet much more.

Who is this viewpoint? that embraces both the archetypal imagery yet exists beyond it? I am the Experiencer of all these experiences…and not the varying experiences of this lifetime! I am a silent witness to something like a storm that overtook consciousness somewhere my mind has no words for either. Considering the storm that childbirth is, I laughingly decide that is when I forgot my greater self. However, I make no claims.


Today, I choose to open my private contemplations a tiny bit. After having midwifed many deaths now, I understand the many ways that, both, the one transitioning and the others who watch, cry, deny, and fight their loved ones’ transitions are often unready. Like birth, death also comes unbidden…. Or so our minds might say.


If you are at peace with death, we share a smile. If you are at peace with life! You already know laughter, tears, solitude, and welcome these experiences. And if you cannot face these topics without a storm warning, I understand why. So, I am just offering a tiny peek at something ...a perspective that is always present, in case you ever need it.


Words will never express the depth of my gratitude to all the souls who shared this point of view with little ole me, and how to make it my own. … …


Freedom of Consciousness is the experience that solves all storms.



 BE Well and Be Content

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Posted on October 22, 2018 .