Distinction: What Actually IS Health?

Define Health for yourself.  married! 020 Yes, we can read the dictionary's definition or we can read up the latest media versions of what is health. A dictionary definition is dry, sterile, at best and only represents a retrospective review of usage of the language. The media is generally a mouthpiece for various commercial interests. This leaves the individual to either be a victim to the purity (or imperfection) of others' motives or to recognize that, ultimately, one makes a decision daily on how to maintain health. What more accurate way to know what health is than self-investigation?


This article could begin by investigating other ideas  and concepts of what is health; yet how close does that take the reader, the individual, towards a useful decision-making technique? As a web content writer, I can tell you that when publishing for broad interest groups, sources, and/or interests, websites have to consider lawsuits and government regulations and standards based upon laws made from information agreed upon by many voices in related fields. Since some interests can effect a greater influence by affluence, do the final laws on the books actually represent what is the highest standard possible? or simply the least contentious by those with the power to object successfully?

So, to self investigate takes on a private focus utilizing what information is available but also, and this is the more astute point, self investigation must utilize personal experiences as one's proving ground. [In even making this point, there are political and potential legal ramifications. Such is the state of life in this modern world that individuals cannot make an action, a statement, without, often very quickly, realizing the effect immediately.] When the population has just enough elbow room to sit one to a chair, the din is difficult to ignore. The din I refer to in this instance is everyone's loud concerns that everyone else, not themselves individually, be responsible for their actions....that everyone else make sure they do not step on "my toes" so to speak. Thus, we have become not only hugely litigious but overburdened by an astounding number of laws governing our behavior. So I am specifically stating that whatever I write, whatever you choose, we all must decide for ourselves whether we are going to step up and be accountable for ourselves in any decision we make. I assume that if you are reading this that you have made a personal and private decision to investigate.

In health matters, self investigation begins by stopping for however brief a moment, literally or rhetorically, to subjectively review every action you take through your day and its potential impact on your health. Begin with you first. We cannot fix another if we have not even figured out in what way we have or do not have a healthy homeostasis.


Posted on April 4, 2014 and filed under janet's writing.