Hello world!

Welcome to Lifestyle Modification Support!

We are just getting started as you can see. There will be format and design changes, of course. But the primary focus is to get started with articles to provide resources and information to support your chosen lifestyle modifications to grow a contented whole you.

Topics will span a diverse world of holistic viewpoint in wellness, including but not limited to: the latest research and concepts in whole nutrition as well as traditional and proven nutritional wisdoms; alternative and complementary therapies for common physical complaints as well as discussion of new health concerns and options in care and treatment; investigation of ancient and modern healing modalities; global viewpoints in health care; historical reviews of healthy whole agriculture as well as new innovations in holistic self-sustainable agriculture.... to get us started!

I look forward to networking with community leaders and innovators in holistic health care and providing links to those providers and businesses that support successful lifestyle modification.

So how is this for an opening statement? Remember life, love, laughter as you proceed through the gift of you each day.

I am respectfully,

Janet Still, FNP-BC

Posted on August 25, 2009 and filed under information, janet's writing, mission statements.