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You may have only recently heard about probiotics. But modern research into the missing element in, not only the physical health of our homo sapiens species but also into the diminishing health of domestic species and even of the ecosystems that homo sapiens relies on, became an earnest study for scientific research in the 1980s. Japan, historically as an island nation, tends to penetrate to the source of the whole survival cycle of humans, because islands must manage resources for self-sustainability. In the 1980s, microbiologists in Japan expanded discussions in food production to investigate the key elements necessary for maintaining the vitality of the ecosystem that provided food. In-depth research revealed an intimate connection between the human gut and the bacteria that enabled healthy plant growth. Long story short (for now), this initiated what has now become the new thriving market of pre- and probiotic products.

This month of March, Lifestyle Modification Support presents the evolution of human health, with an intense focus on how food production matters to whole health for long high-quality lifestyle.

This post is short today, but as always, I am adding links below to get you looking into some of the new and historical viewpoints and investigation of food's connection to physical health. During March, my focus will be on organising for You the information and the concepts such that the facts are easily that You can use this current information to make conscious choices for your own well-being.

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Probiotics: the Magic Pill?

Probiotics - Supplements Galore!

Or Probiotics 'the way nature intended' in our soils, foods, and bodies?!!

Meet other island nations' research on how to restore the health of their ecosystems and thereby the health and well-being of their people :

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Japan's version of this news :

Of course, even agriculture benefits from providing the Best quality product!



Posted on February 22, 2016 .