Eat Whole Fat, Real Fat, for Health

photo 1 - Version 5Eat Whole Fat, Real Fat, for Health This post has taken far too long to be written! because my mind had the idea that one post could contain this topic. Then I recognized that this piece of the nutrition puzzle today continues from the previous posts about junk food addiction. And this topic regarding "good fat vs bad fat" is more than one post. So here we go - - -!

You say, wait, I have to eat a low fat diet because I have a weight problem. I say, you have a weight problem because you are malnourished...and eating low fat foods is contributing to your body's hunger for Real Fat so needed by all of our bodies, including rather importantly the brain part of our bodies. Please be reassured: this is NOT your fault that you keep eating foods that are not providing the real nutrients! Remember the previous post about junk food addiction? As you can see, all these posts for a few months fall into this topic.

Have you heard of the documentary, Hungry For Change? I mention the video, which can be streamed on Netflix and viewed on YouTube, because I understand that having imagery while hearing information gets the information into some folks' brains. [Planning to start making videos to go with the main posts in Lifestyle Modification Support for those of you that get more out of eye contact.] Hungry For Change breaks down in simple terms how the food we are eating is not really food in the real sense...but "food-like products." Hrmmm what does that mean?

I am going to anticipate your questions about this topic, beginning with a brief discussion today on whole fat versus low fat or non-fat. Please contact me all the ways that you do to ask your burning questions. The fat question is what instigated this post. In the past, I have spoken of how much sugar is clandestinely added to nearly every processed food you buy and eat. [Processed = anything prepared by someone you never met somewhere else. Examples? everything from cake and biscuit mixes, cereals, canned or packaged soups, frozen meals/snacks, salad dressings, pizza sauces, condiments, bread, flavored milks and vitamin drinks .... ]

Fat-free generally means LOTS of sugar products added. Why one is constantly hungry on low fat diets is that one is NOT giving the healthy fat that one needs while eating much more sugar than one might choose consciously. And, as I have mentioned before, sweet is added via a number of processed forms of "sugar"...high fructose corn syrup being the head of the pack. So imagine your brain, on the one hand requiring whole fat, not getting it; but also utilizing sugar rapidly  too, unhealthy over-processed forms of sugar, because it is HUNGRY!! for nutrition. And what happens your brain is hard-wired to want sugar and starts craving more and more and more..... Sugar gives a beta-endorphin high. The more of this "high" the body gets, the more habituated the body becomes to it and thus needs ...more!


more to come....... additions will continue at the bottom of the article as they are added.

Focuses to include: what are whole healthy fats? and what are unhealthy (dangerous) fats? How fat protects us from toxins....

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