Got Skim Milk?: Maybe a Recipe for Obesity and Cancer

Okay, what did I tell you?

I do not exactly appreciate the "I told ya so" comeback; yet, sometimes it is all one can say! Research that is scientifically valid will continue to back these conclusions (in the linked story/article), because the logic is sound as well as the makers of said products have openly admitted that they are not in the BUSINESS of health, they are in the BUSINESS of selling food items. Please go back and read my previous posts, if you are wondering where I am coming up with my viewpoint. And finally, research will validate these findings because, simply, foods in their natural state have evolved alongside of our gastro-intestinal (GI) systems. New foods created in labs for dubious ends, such as profit, will require some time to integrate into our cellular metabolic processes. Let me long did it take for us to adjust to wheat, for example. I use that as my example because some will say that we have not actually finished integrating the use of wheat in our GI systems.

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Posted on July 12, 2013 and filed under discussions, janet's writing, Research studies.