Need To Know!

"Enzymes exist on raw foods, meats and milks. Enzymes eradicate biofilms. When we have a diet deficient in enzymes, while we eat processed packaged foods, we are feeding pathogens and promoting biofilm growth." ¬Becky Plotner from her article Internal Biofilms May Be Making You Sick.

A colleague of mine, who has been experiencing a multitude of chronic symptoms over recent years, an aftermath from an exposure to a deadly pathogen, shared a link with me on using enzymes to break up the biofilm in my intestines as a way to end so many of the symptoms that I, too, have been attempting to balance since arthritis became the recent winner of a few health battles. I tell arthritis that it may have won the battle, ...but the war is not over! The article sparked a flurry or research reviews. As I do, I looked for an article that is easier to understand to share with my audience in this website.

Becky Plotner's article, Internal Biofilms May Be Making You Sick, is easy to understand and quite specific in the last portion where she kindly shares many natural sources of enzymes that you can use now (without buying into a costly supplement program).

Always, BE Well! in spirit, mind, heart and body... Balance is the key. ¬janet
Posted on January 16, 2017 .