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Protect Your Gut! for your gut protects you...

Pearl the Golden... loving the sands and Ocean... origin of our elemental bodies.

Pearl the Golden... loving the sands and Ocean... origin of our elemental bodies.

If you are reading this site for the first time, you either are wondering when I might get off this subject!! Or you are curious as to how I could be making such a claim as this: Protect Your Gut! for your gut protects you...

I am including yet another review of the ongoing, ever blossoming revelations, of research on just how vital our gut's ecology is to our physical well being. In fact, there is an increasing body of data to support that the microbiome of the gut is very much the contributor to our mental well being as well.  So, please, dear readers, read these shares and contributions on the widespread expansion of knowledge regarding the intricacies of how to support your intestinal health in order to improve many many types of symptoms you may be experiencing... especially this upcoming winter season in the northern hemisphere.

And, always, dear readers, Be Well!

From Shann's Chuckling Goat site.... "Scientists have found that supplementing with probiotics can: 

  1. Shorten the duration of cold by two days
  2. Lessen severity of cold symptoms by 34%
  3. Result in a higher quality of life and fewer missed school days 

"Probiotics are secret weapon for fighting symptoms of the common cold in college students, study suggests."  - University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ)."


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Susun Weed's Herbal Infusion Class

Wise Woman UniversityChecking out "Lesson One and Assignments" on Wise Woman University: A few of you have been slowly working through Susun Weed's Herbal Infusion Class with me. I just added some reflections on Lesson One, (in the Lesson One forum-see link above), which I spent over a year working through. If you are unfamiliar with the class, there is no time limit, no cost other than supplying your own ingredients and supplies to accomplish the lessons, and the class is always open so far. Since the class is online and includes a group forum that stays fairly active, there is always someone to talk to and share your results and lessons, triumphs and muddles.

 Susun Weed even chimes in from time to time to comment on the  ongoing discussions. For me, this was a great way to have some direction in increasing and maintaining my experience with utilizing herbal medicine/food in my life. And because I have relied on Susun's wisdom, knowledge, and experience for much of my adult life when it comes to practical uses of herbs in my daily life, I welcomed the opportunity to "play" as it were in the field of her creative mind by going along with her lessons the way she purposefully set them up.

If you are experiencing any difficulty figuring out how to get included in this particular class, send me an email or comment on this post and I will happily send you a direct invite from the class. There are many classes offered at the Wise Woman University, most require a payment. This is an exceptional opportunity to check out what all there is to learn from Susun and the many experts she collaborates with ...for free. The website/university has many types of forums that one can be part of once you are in the class and many informative Webinars are going on all year, also for free usually. Expect the unusual and the creative and the very strongly supported feminine as well as practical and beneficial knowledge for all members of your family and community.  Remember to write "LMS question" in the subject line of your email message.

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Laughter's Healing Power

 The Language of Laughter.....

"The power of laughter is a power for good. It raises the spirits, purifies the soul, testifies to tolerance, kills resentment, routs enmity, disrupts distrust, promotes understanding, makes all skins kin, puts Man “one up” on the beasts of the field and only one down on the gods of Olympus. It is the best peace propaganda known to civilisation, being more easily understood than Esperanto or “desperanto.” It says more with less expenditure of air than any other form of human expression."

[Author unknown, (1935). Laughter is the language of the world. In The New Zealand Railways Magazine 10 (6). Retrieved from: .]


attacked by a fishy!Laughter truly Is the language of the world. Imagine peace, imagine joy, imagine love. I hope you will join all of us that support and participate in the cause of laughter, the universal language. Discover the healing power of laughter.... slowly, if you must. Practice a tentative smile at passersby. Worry not about their reaction. The smile will stay with them and silently return upon their own face each time they ponder its meaning. Just imagining the act of a smile can awaken a surprising sense of joy within. Grin and tease your perceived opponents . . . . witness a slice of tension dissolve. Perhaps the dismissed tension is only in you, so be it! Is this not a great relief? Laughter adds objectivity, a moment of stepping back and reassessing the situation from a grander scale. And yet, laughter demands no such grandiose outcomes or motivation. Laughter simply provides pause; a grace barely mentioned in the intellectual debates, but a gift worthy of gold for its refreshing breeze of equanimity. If the world's denizens share this wordless understanding, then is this not evidence of laughter's transcendence beyond mental contentions? I, and many others, laughing in the stands, say this is more than evidence, this is just cause for further embellishment and abandoned release to laughter's healing power.
So much life! Love and laughter to you and yours, janet and family


Enjoy this delightful video of laughter lifting spirits at children's hospitals:

Laughter Is the Language of the World

[Click on the Laughter Is the Language of the World link.]


Resources for more groups that promote laughter and laughter's healing wisdom. May you live long and laugh forever!


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Your Arthritis Wants Yoga

Your Arthritis Wants Yoga

bow pencil-paint


“Yoga? For arthritis?” My 40-something friend rolls her eyes and shakes her head, “You must be crazy. How can I twist my body like a pretzel when I cannot bend over?”



What is new about encouraging yoga for arthritis? More research! to back up the benefits of mild to moderate exercise for arthritis, including research specifically using yoga. The research enhances what yoga enthusiasts have been saying for decades: yoga provides many benefits specific to arthritis without alarming physical high jinks and manipulations.


What is important to know about yoga for arthritis? Yoga styles vary; some are well-suited to arthritis, others not so much. Yoga postures are specific to parts and regions of your body; begin with an educated instructor to choose the safest postures for your particular arthritis. Yoga strengthens muscles, thereby supporting joints for a longer joint life, more overall stability in daily activities, and less pain. Yoga provides more than exercise; yoga improves your lungs’ capacity, yoga enables deep relaxation, and yoga increases mental clarity.


How does yoga accomplish all this? Some yoga postures strengthen the large muscle groups that are used for the position, which then benefits the corresponding joint by lessening duress on the joint. Yoga increases range of motion, which gives you more room to work with before reaching your joint’s stress point. The combination of deep conscious breathing combined with focus on the body during the positioning for each posture has been shown to increase endorphins. Endorphins are those “feel good” hormones that up your mood and sense of well-being, decreasing the sensation of pain. As with all exercise, the movement and breathing causes your body’s blood, filled with needed oxygen, endorphins, and nutrients, to move more effectively into your muscles.


What do you need to know to have a positive experience with yoga and to experience improvement in your pain levels? Research shows that each individual discovers their unique range within any exercise as far as stretch and endurance. As with all exercise types, begin slowly and gradually increase how much you are doing as your strength for the practice improves. An experienced and specifically trained instructor will know which postures are safe and how far to go with the position. So choosing a qualified instructor insures you have the best support for learning your range. Some classes are for yoga performed in a chair! So whether you are limited to a chair or if you need to incorporate exercise into a sedentary work situation, you have options to enhance your personal experience with yoga. Choose from Hatha Yoga schools and teachers for yoga best suited to Arthritis. Some Hatha Yogas which work well with Arthritis are Iyengar, Integral, Ansura, and Kripalu. See the Resources list at the end of this asticle for more links to schools of yoga.


The “always” list: Talk to your Arthritis Provider before beginning the first yoga class to receive specific instructions about any restrictions or limitations to share with the instructor. Discuss with the Instructor their experience with Arthritis students as well as your doctor’s recommendations for your specific condition. Choose a beginners class and progress slowly even if you feel good during the class. The saying “no pain, no gain” does NOT apply to you or to yoga. Pain means slow down, pull back some on the stretch, and/or take a break.



The Yoga Alliance is a great resource to finding certified yoga instructors. The site provides a directory and also provides links to more information on yoga education.

The Yoga Journal is available at many stores including your grocery store. Inspiring and educational articles keep you updated on the latest research related to yoga for many conditions including Arthritis.

The Arthritis Foundation has a DVD especially for those with Arthritis that shows yoga postures specifically for various types of typical Arthritis conditions. The DVD is named Arthritis Friendly Yoga and can be found at:



Ehrlich, S. (2012). Complementary and alternative medicine guide: Rheumatoid Arthritis; University of Maryland Medical Center Health Information and Medical Reference Guide. Retrieved from:

Gothe, N., Pontefex, M., Hillman C., and McAuley E. (2013). The Acute Effects of Yoga on Executive Function. Journal of Physical Activity & Health 10(4):488-95.

Haaz, S. (2009). Yoga for Arthritis; The John Hopkins Arthritis Center website at:

Sharma, M. (2013). Yoga as an alternative and complementary approach for Arthritis:

A systematic review; Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine 18 (3).

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Choose Joy Anyway - Julianne Blake

If you are looking for another perspective on your chronic pain or chronic illness, please have a listen to my dear friend, Julianne Blake, speak on Kristen White TV at this link: Dr Julianne Blake is a precious sweet and truly genuine soul who is sharing her expertise from her own experience.  Lifetstyle Modification Support will be sharing more and more stories on chronic pain in the next year because I am co-authoring a book, Chronic Pain: Treatment and Its Controversies, with my partner, Barry Jones. A new tab will be added to this website so that readers can easily locate information specific  to the dialogue of chronic pain and  chronic illness.

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Organic vs Biotech

Pay careful attention to the details on the current controversy regarding claims made by a former "Big Tobacco" pseudo-science propagandist who is employed at Stanford? The good thing about this controversy is people are talking.... and what the corporate "persons" have not considered is: now real science can be brought into a public discussion....because the commercial interests [read: greed] stepped up and threw mud where there is a battle...the battle for truth regarding how biotech in agriculture has little to do with what is best for all of us and more to do with commercial profit. Want attention? okay, let's start talking science. And while we are at it, let's talk logic; and let's talk freedom of choice; and let us broach the difficult expectation of truthful advertising. More to come...


[Today September 14, 2012] Ben Paynter of who blogs/writes in many venues shared a particularly enlightening bit about the health of his intestines...or as he stated it, his "POOP BUGS". You can find the short piece as number 14 of Living by Numbers: The Wired Guide to Health in Wired's October 2012 issue (p 126). The article is apparently unavailable on, so I contemplated copying it in its entirety here because, honestly, in such a brief, and comical, description of his stool analysis, he provides a great deal of tips about why gastro-intestinal health is so crucial to overall health. [I strongly encourage you to get this issue and read his quipped essay.]

But the BIG reason I bring the article up here is the last sentence. In four short columns, Ben quickly shared the telling results of his Metametrix test....his "Adiposity Index," his "Predominant Bacteria Analysis," his "Yeast/Fungi" count, and last but so definitely NOT least, his "Drug Resistance" panel. What? drug resistance? in a stool sample? you remark avidly curious as to how drug resistance could be revealed in a stool sample. Never fear, I will not bore you with the details of how the DNA of the bacteria shows least, not now.... suffice it to say, that the DNA in Ben's gut bacteria were the source of all this fascinating information! By now, as highly intelligent as you have demonstrated yourself to be by your choice of reading materials, you have no doubt sleuthed the connection between Ben's discovered drug resistance and the title of this blog "Organic vs Biotech"... I will let Ben's words say it so simply, "I can't turn my superbugs back into Clark Kent bugs, but I can eat organics to avoid future exposure to antibiotics." !!!! and thus, prevent further antibiotic resistant bacteria from getting a toe-hold in his body, thereby preventing the antibiotic's effectiveness in future should he need it. Remarkably, Ben thought it significant to mention that he likely acquired his particular superbugs via eating a food that had been exposed to said antibiotic, since apparently Ben has never taken the antibiotics for which he has discovered that he has a thriving resistance.

Yes, one more reason to eat organic.... a reason which can be measured....should anyone be interested in actually doing so rather than taking candy from the drug pushers, so to speak; meaning accepting without question a poorly structured "Study" by researchers of questionable motivations.


Additional articles commenting on the organic vs biotech question:

More will be added to this blog.......




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80+ Items You Can Compost | Care2 Healthy Living

Here comes Spring! are you outside plunging your hands into the fine black soil as I am? Vitality of your plants, the ability to throw seed into the ground and actually have something green pop back up there, the density of the nutrition level in your grown plants STARTS with healthy soil. How to make healthy soil...? Hrmm... there must be a way. Yes, there are many ways. And this article briefly touches on one very easy obvious way to create rich soil. Make your own compost...from everything you do not use! Life is a circle.... 80+ Items You Can Compost | Care2 Healthy Living.

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5 Healthy Reasons To Love Love

One more story about Love.... 5 Healthy Reasons To Love Love! <3 

This article discusses what is healthy about balanced compatible relationships for all of you with the new flush of romance and giggles going on this Valentine's Day. Click on the link below to read the article by Laura Schocker and to view the fun and informative slide show.

5 Healthy Reasons To Love Love.

More writing to come today on Love!

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Love And Health: Research Examines Love's Impact On Us

Love And Health: Research Examines Love's Impact On Us.

Do we really need to research Love's impact on us? Probably not... but for all those needing a little nudge, here is an article keeping the theme of this month : Love Love Love. May you all find Love everywhere you turn! Because You are Love and the source of Love whenever you see it, this "finding" love is a simple self discovery experiment. Have a blast with it. 

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Love 1A

Too often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~ Leo Buscaglia

Leo Buscaglia taught Love 1A at USC for many years and was one of the most popular speakers on PBS for years. His genuine expression of compassion and connection among all of us infected many souls and surely spread a great many smiles.

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Gentle Love


More Holiday Wisdoms and Universal Love

O my good friends, this post finds me content and surrendered. I hope that for you as well that you continue to find ways to let go and let your higher power, your unconditional Love, take care of the puzzle/details. . . while you LIVE life, Love, laughter, full and ever expanding.

~With this winter post, I want to share with you some of my lessons in reflecting on the recent cycles that have found completion in my larger life cycle. Wisely considered resolutions begin first with contemplative reflections, if the resolutions are to hold any water or staying power. Why make resolutions in the first place? except if you have a commitment to self evolution. By that intention, one may define resolutions as matrices or conceptual structures for one's efforts through which creation or manifestation is possible.

~So then, in reflection, cycles become visible to your objective mind. You perceive possible repetitive lessons reoccurring for your consideration and discernment regarding what is being taught by your life experiences. Once recognized, one may then comprehend a reason or reasons for the repeated circumstances or situations or obstacles perceived. Once comprehended, one may act to know: how may I test this concept? what actions might reveal options to the circumstance? what next? what avenues are open if I take a step back and look with this new perspective? And so on, these suggested questions attempt to describe one of many ways to direct one's personal investigations of one's path.

~Back to the original purpose of this post, reflections on my recent circles.... at this point in my life, large circles are completing! One could feel unnerved by this; am I that "old" or is this a grand personal apocalypse about to occur? Bring it on! if so, because these closing cycles reveal the potential attainment of wisdom...finally. Probably the most important wisdom I am gaining is that the truly valuable lessons in life are NOT overnight handouts. In my life, maybe in yours as well, there have been some seemingly life-long hardships... some are so simple a child could see them (but I did not because I was a child when these issues initiated); some have been completely self inflicted! and others have been seemingly unfortunate circumstances that I had to endure.. . . that I "endured" over time by finding something very strong within mySelf to hold me still and comforted, and therefore nurtured, while the outer circumstances played themselves out. The primary lesson turns out to be the attainment of solid and humble self confidence born of a sense of knowing that we are all in this to grow and evolve, that accountability is each one of us beginning with ourself as the patient to heal.

~These contemplations bring this post full circle, in fact, to Lifestyle Modification Support's ongoing matrix: to assist you in Balance and Harmony within your own life. What is your course of evolution? Are you at the helm yet? I encourage you to stop, pause, and really give yourself the gift of reflecting on the bigger picture of you and where you are going, and why, and how you might take part in the creation of this amazing gift we call "your life".

~For an example to perhaps get your imaginative juices stirred and flowing, I will share a simple lesson cycle. Separating the small cycles within the bigger cycles is challenging. I have come to experience a beautiful serendipity in my life due to the circles on circles turning into a sense of my life's BIG circle. Sharing what most come to me for, how about the example that people often share with me their desires, and frustrations with realizing their desires, as a jumping off point for this example? The desires or goals might be in many areas for the different people, such as personal health issues resolved, or changing wasteful habits into healthy habits, or teaching their children to make healthy choices independently. I, too, found myself consistently frustrated by my own illogical interferences with achieving my personal goals over my adult years. Yet all the time, I kept after said goals with something like a vengeance! In truth, that sense of vengeance, or my  personal stubbornness, to "push" for my goals rather than allowing myself to discover where my strengths are best used and where my weaknesses are best supported had a tendency to slow down or even halt my efforts at times. Do you see where I am going with this? Every time I caught myself forcing change, I failed. On top of that discovery, I poured salt in to the wound by subjectively beating myself up over this...time and time again! At some point, due to the calm and patient, gentle and unconditional Love, of my personal spiritual teacher, I began to simply practice celebrating my ability to recognize my own mistakes. Simply put, I began forgiving myself. . . immediately, upon recognition of my failure. Eventually, this practice of self forgiving led me to perceive a grander more universal Love.... and in this curious unexpected perception, I actually began focusing on "fixing the problem, not the blame"...

~Ahhh, yes! the problem! And back my attention would go to reflecting on how it was a problem and what the solution might be versus how it got started and who to blame, myself; then the energy of frustration transformed into applying the cure (the solution). In time, and yes, remember time heals all, this practice became natural, inherent. Not only did this practice resolve individual issues of personal concern but this practice became a life way.

~This example reminds me of raising my children when they were very young. I set the goal to parent consciously and not fall into doing things as I imagined they had been "done to" me. So, I went about my days applying the various theories I read on parenting. My focus was: what works? as a mother of four, I had little time to give to working out why something did not work. If it did not work, I threw out that methodology and moved on to the next. One theory I tried was around the effect of the word, "no" and the purpose of negative, punitive, or remedial discipline. I remember watching the effect that shouting, "no!" had on a child's behavior versus the effect of calmly redirecting the child's behavior to something safer or healthier. Needless to say, I found that sometimes shouting no does have its purposes, but mostly, lovingly redirecting and using the moment as the ever elusive "teachable moment" held far more effective and long lasting potency.

~Now this description calls to point that there is really no solution that is isolated. Have you ever considered how an imbalanced habit or behavior or thought process has likely been applied repeatedly because that is the nature of mind? Once one has resolved one simple perceived problem, that particular problem turns out to be a gift! What? Why do I say that? Because it is highly likely that you just solved several, if not many, "problems" by successfully changing the way you approach problems in the first place. The effect or impact of this personal solution in my life: simply and lovingly changing the way I approached my subjective dialogue and opening up to the solutions rather then remaining cramped in the self flagellation; this solution has created a gentle Love, an open universal sense of connectedness versus the stressful experience of forcing myself to change, which never worked in a lasting way. What a wholly different way to walk within life! By living from a place of willing expansion into the world, I manifested something I desired greatly: inner peace.

~Now I do not see the world as sharp edged boxes thrown at me randomly and without prediction, I experience the world as amazing in its surprises and full of possibilities for continued evolvement. More importantly, I perceive that I am a co-creator ....that with my own willingness to try something new, I open the door to learning and thereby manifest more of me to share.

~May this posting find its intention of sharing, gifting more possibilities of evolving, giving what has proven valuable to me to you. As I continue to grow and evolve, and as circles open into expansive spirals, life becomes richer and fuller. Regardless of ongoing hardships, and please understand I still have plenty of hardships to deal with! I still genuinely discover that a purity of heart and desire leads me to even greater desire of purity...and this leads me to discover that truly openness to expand is what provides the experience of enlightenment. What is life, if not a grand exploration of what is possible?

~Blessings to you and yours. Please feel free to share with me your respectful reflections on my post as well as anything else for which you could use a kind ear to bear unconditional witness.


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Counting Your Blessings: How Gratitude Improves Your Health

Happy Thanksgiving Day!


Many ways to look at counting one's blessings.... science supports its benefits through empirical observation and you know that when you stop and give a few moments to remembering all that you have versus all that you think you do not have, everything looks a little better, the "light at the end of the tunnel" is more easily visualized, and the not-have stuff is not all that big after all.

Take this day to set a matrix for every day.... to fill yourself up on universal selfless Love;

to let yourself Have It!

and to remember what in life is truly valuable. How much "stuff" do we need? when we have inner peace and contentment.

Much universal Love and many many blessings to you and yours today and all days from Lifestyle Modification Support and family.

Counting Your Blessings: How Gratitude Improves Your Health | CFIDS & Fibromyalgia Self-Help.

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On Mary Breckinridge and Community Health


Mary Breckinridge and Community Health

After three and a half days away from home to gather with future Certified Midwives and Family Nurse Practitioners in Hyden, Kentucky, I look on life with new eyes. The Frontier Nursing University is the oldest proponent and educational program for Family Nursing and Midwifery in America.... for mother/child centered healthcare. A long time admirer of Mary Breckinridge and the Frontier School, I am now included in its rosters as a post masters student of midwifery.


You may wonder at this seeming "turn in direction"... but this is not a tangent or byway for my healthcare focus. Lifestyle Modification Support has always supported holistic healthcare which begins at home... in the choices one makes to support one's well-being, one is also making choices that support one's family, one's small circle of friends and network, and thereby, one's community. The mother is the heart and soul of the family. What she does cannot be replaced or imitated easily. To support community health, care of the mother and her health/balance, the mother and those around her must be educated as to the great value of her role in the family as the source of unconditional love that centers and directs the attention and attitude of the whole family. With this focus, the individual members of family go out into the community bolstered and nurtured by the true gift of life.... universal, unconditional Love.


If the mother is not supported to remain whole and healthy, she will lose her ability to perform her vital role. In losing her ability to provide such precious spiritual sustenance, she will "lose face"...will lose spirit, hope, faith. It is a rare family that can rearrange its dynamics to compensate for that loss.


The grass roots movement swelling across the country for the rise of community health as priority will be greatly supplemented by a focus on the family's role in community. At the heart of the localvore culture, support of the family supports the development of self-esteem in the individuals of the family unit; supports what is strong, intelligent, and genius in their inherited culture and traditions; supports (thereby) community, and local economic growth, which in turn doubles back the benefit to the community again!


All of these benefits support education and the expansion of human awareness for what is valuable among us, including our diversity. Diversity is survival in a community, and truly diversity is a necessary environmental trait. That we must survive via harmony and intelligent integration with our environment seems so self-evident that I hesitate to spell it out. For any unable to follow my logic in this discussion to this point, I will explain my statements this way…...


If we are to survive physically, our planet must remain viable and able to continue in its diversity of microbiology to continue to provide sustenance to our physical bodies. Thus, in this logic, did I support preserving small traditional communities in the South when I was a young adult and so I continue to support all areas of practical community health which impact physical, intellectual, economic wholeness for its individuals as well as spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom is a key component in holistic health. The top tier of Maslow's Hierarchy pyramid is self-actualization. Our community's whole health supplies the lower levels of the pyramid so that one may attain that austere top goal.


I support Farmer's Markets and Market Co-operatives of all kinds that feature the local community and uphold its unique traits and strengths as well as act as central commerce areas and places of meeting to encourage success and healthy positive activities. Our own Leucadia Farmer's Market takes place on a local school ground. Activities of music, crafts, arts, and child play are as integral as the commercial participants. Providing these elements in a festive, clean, harmonious manner induces further local support by making it easier to participate (for example, young mothers can bring their children to a safe atmosphere to play while the mothers shop); and also, by making the experience more relaxed, entertaining, and sociable.


My personal and professional role in my community continues to grow and evolve as is the nature of a healthy and balanced life. Returning to study the healthcare of mother and baby is coming round a full circle for me and for my work in the world. By supporting the center of the family’s well being, I continue to give my part to the solution of maintaining and improving and taking community health to the next level.


I will see you “out there” … Please say hello and chat with me about your ideas and hopes.  May we find a way together to continue to complete the circle.

[ ]


Many sites discuss Mary Breckinridge's impact on community health; here are just a few:

Mary Breckinridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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