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Check List for Losing Weight by Banting

Click the link above to see what RealMeal Revolutions members do to lose crazy weight fast ... while staying very Well-Fed!

I have summed it up here, but loads of awe-inspiring links are including in the article by RealMeal Revolution to help you stay on top of your weight loss and to love doing it. This way of eating is all the yummiest food that truly satiates. Eating this way improves your health! You must understand the 'diet' and comprehend the medical science and/or have informed support to be one of the many many success stories. I lost 40 pounds in 4 months by changing the way I eat. Note: I did NOT increase my exercise; in fact, I did NOT even create an exercise program for myself! I am not advocating no exercise, but I want you to understand... the ketogenic way of eating is about altering your metabolism back to its balanced state. IS it a 'diet'? In my experience, this is returning to the old way of eating, not a diet but Balance.

Monday : throw out the trash from your kitchen .... and Eat Something Delicious.

Tuesday : track your intake (before making changes) .... and Eat Something Delicious.

Wednesday : Weigh and Measure .... and Eat Something Delicious.

Thursday : Check in to the forums of others banting so you can be inspired! ... and Eat Something Delicious.

Friday : Get a new meal plan for the week, mMMmmmm! and Eat Something Delicious!

Saturday : Keep watching the videos & reading the stories online that teach the HOW for all types of bodies & constitutions .... and Eat Something Delicious.

Sunday : Make a special Sunday meal .... and Eat Something Delicious!

Having trouble believing this is possible? or just wishing for more direction or support? or just need some answers to your concerns/questions? Please do contact me.

Remember: Be balanced, and BE well.
Posted on July 20, 2017 .

Why You Want to Break Your Sugar Addiction

Hah! you harumpf, I have no such desire... I love sugar. Yes, you and anyone that has been persistently ingesting sugar, knowingly or unknowingly, definitely have learned to "love" sugar! And currently, you may be pulling off remaining free of disease, illness, obesity, and/or discomfort. Meanwhile, within your body, sugar is busily converting your metabolism. Oh please! do NOT take my word for it! Just educate yourself on the facts.

As a Medical Provider in California, we educated the parents of children to NOT give fruit juice, ever, to their children. Yep, fruit juice. Contemplate the evolution of humans. Sugar was a rare commodity in nature; and when it did make an appearance, it was quickly gobbled up by many different species. Then, all of a sudden in history, sugar became wildly many different types and forms. However, human physiology does NOT adapt that suddenly to environmental changes. Sure, we had a way to take care of the effect of glucose in our bodies, but we had not developed a way to keep the body constantly metabolising the effects indefinitely.

I have chosen this particular report of the "dirty science" that went down in the 1960s, financially brought to you by your friendly sugar industry! because it is going to be easier to read for the non-science crowd. There are also many links to documents and the peer reviewed reports on the whole history in this particular article I've chosen to share with you. Over the next few years, I truly hope this will become common news. In the meantime, I will keep adding info and links here in the blog.

Bees on our wild berries in the backyard.

Bees on our wild berries in the backyard.


Always, BE Well! in spirit, mind, heart and body.... Balance is the key. ¬BIG LOVE from janet
Posted on November 22, 2016 .